1. How do I become a SATRewards member?

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
1. Register at
2. Enroll your credit or debit cards.
3. Redeem your earned points when you park, dine, or shop at San Antonio International Airport and active participants throughout greater San Antonio.

2. How many credit cards can I register?

You can securely register up to 99 credit or debit cards per SATRewards account. You can only register a card once.


3. Is my credit card information kept secure?

We keep your credit/debit cards completely secure. Our platform is fully PCI-DSS compliant.

4. What if I have a credit/debit card that already earns rewards?

No problem! Your SATRewards Points are earned and rewarded in addition to the rewards that you might already earn with your card.

7. How do I earn SATRewards Points?

You can earn SATRewards Points right away by enrolling your credit/debit cards. There is no need to pull up the Thanks Again app for the cashier or have it open to earn points. Once registered, you can automatically start accumulating points with purchases made with your enrolled credit/debit cards.

8. How much do I earn with each transaction?

Members can typically earn 1 SATRewards Point for every $1 spent on a qualifying transaction.

9. How do I redeem my SATRewards Points?

SATRewards Points can be redeemed from our rewards catalog by clicking "Redeem Points" after you login to

10. What can I use my SATRewards for?

You can redeem your SATRewards Points for airline miles, hotel points, and other attractive rewards. Check the rewards catalog often, as we are always working to add new redemption options.